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French market, October 2001, indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, clementine

Imbert E.. 2001. Fruitrop (English ed.) (85) : p. 24-29.

Banana: As usual, the market deteriorated in October. Indeed, direct imports to France returned to last year's level after two months of marked shortage. In addition, local demand lacked spirit, as did exports to northern Europe. Prices fell distinctly in comparison with September but remained firmer than in 2000. Avocado: After a shortage during the first fortnight of the month, the return to normal supplies in the second half of the month broke market equilibrium that we suspected was fragile, mainly because of the lack of retail encouragement as a result of the new law concerning special offers. Orange: In spite of a very gradual start to Spanish Navelines, the end of the season was laborious for fruits from South Africa as there were large stocks of small grade fruits. The end of the season was also very difficult for Argentinean produce. Grapefruit: In spite of strongly increasing shipments from winter origins, prices remained considerably stronger than last year, thanks to a marked shortfall in fruits from inter-season origins (Cuba and Honduras). Clementine: Spanish Marisol was particularly plentiful as the harvest was early and large and weather conditions resulted in the speeding up of picking. Demand was shy, causing a marked fall in price to a historic low. The first batches of clementines from Corsica and Morocco were well received by the market.

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