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Report on the visit to PT SOCFINDO, Indonesia, 17th April to 1st May 2001

Durand-Gasselin T.. 2001. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 30 p.. numero_rapport: CP_SIC 1371.

This visit was organized to coincide with the informal meeting oil Ganoderma held in Medan on 23rd April. At Bangun Bandar, we primarily discussed and prepared a SOCFINDO/CIRAD paper to be given at the next PIPOC, on sources of resistance to Ganoderma found in oil palm. The data were updated and an initial analysis was carried out on site. Two specific points of the genetic improvement programme were discussed: pollen use for seed production and the use of LM3387T self pollen available at Bangun Bandar for recombinations. A draft programme was drawn up for the next visit. The visit to Aek Loba was mostly spent visiting the first trials in the Ack Loba Timur genetic block. It was also possible to utilize the first bunch analyses carried out.

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