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Coconut Sector Development Project. Visit report to the GREL project

Baudouin L., Dery S.K.. 2001. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 18 p.. numero_rapport: CP_SIC 1379.

One of the main aims of this mission was to examine the legitimacy problems encountered: a high percentage (over 25%) of germinated nuts with a yellow sprout. It turns out that the Yellow Dwarf inflorescences at Ayinasi are regularly emasculated (ablation of spikelet tips). However, this emasculation is incomplete: some accompanying male flowers are overlooked. This is most probably enough to explain the illegitimacy seen. In addition, the other hypothesis, according to which some of the yellow seedlings are in fact hybrids, has been ruled out. The seed garden is bordered on by Brazilian Green Dwarfs and Malayan Red Dwarfs, which ought to be emasculated. In fact, the Malayan Red Dwarf is not emasculated, with limited consequences, judging by the percentage of red sprouts found in the nursery. On the other hand, emasculation of the Brazilian Green Dwarf remains essential, otherwise undetectable illegitimate seedlings are likely to be produced. Although the consequences of a low illegitimate cross rate with the Malayan Red Dwarfs are tolerable, we propose measures intended to ensure that this rate remains at a reasonable level. Our main recommendations are: - check that Yellow Dwarf emasculation is impeccable, by stepping up checks, the results of which should figure in the monthly report, - introduce incentive measures in the form of bonuses, - modify the germination table in the monthly report.

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