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Technical support to "Women's processing activities" under the Coconut rehabilitation project in Ghana, 19th February to 7th March 2001

Prades A.. 2001. Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 63 p.. numero_rapport: CP_SIC 1342.

This mission by the CIRAD-CP technologist was intended to provide further technical support to the Coconut Sector Development Project of the Ghanaian Ministry of Food and Agriculture funded by AFD, the French Development Agency. This project, which is located in Western and Central Regions of Ghana, is divided into three parts: - replanting of new coconut palms on smallholdings, using seednuts produced in the project's nurseries and sold to the VACPP ( Village Association of Coconut Planters and Processors); - rehabilitating old coconut plantings through fertilization, with credit managed by the project, a local Bank and NGOs; - improving the incomes of coconut oil producers, through practical training and a set of small items of equipment, which a group of processors or individuals can order with the financial support of a small credit facility. This mission concerned this last point, for which the project is to set up three demonstration sites in Western and Central Regions where processors will be invited and trained for two days. These sites will present the "traditional wet process", slightly modified with the introduction of a mechanical but manual press at the "squeezing" step, an adapted clay furnace instead of the "three stone" fire and the collection-treatment of waste-water to protect the environment and improve working conditions. CSDP is also to build a pilot plant for the demonstration of a completely new process: the fry-drying process producing another quality of coconut oil with a longer shelf-life. The distribution of the equipment will be divided into several parts which are complementary but need different skills: credit management, manufacture and maintenance of the equipment, training of the processor and manufacturer.... That is why the project needs help from external partners to complete this work. It has occasional assistance from ITTU (Intermediate Technological Transfer Unit) and NBSSI (National Board for Small-Scale Industry) two public institutions. The objectives of the mission were: - Launching the first demonstration site in Ayinase, Western Region; - Analysing and quantifying effluent at the site; - Visiting the proposed future second demonstration site; - Testing the equipment of the future fry-drying pilot plant; - Checking on project progress.

Mots-clés : huile de coco; ghana

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