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Improvement of the marketability of cotton produced in zones affected by stickiness : proceedings of the final seminar, Lille, France, July 4-7, 2001

Gourlot J.P. (ed.), Frydrych R. (ed.). 2001. Amsterdam : CFC; CIRAD, 200 p.. Séminaire sur l'amélioration de la commercialisation du coton produit dans les zones affectées par le collage, 2001-07-04/2001-07-07, Lille (France).

This seminar gave the opportunity to present all the acquired results up to now on the project labeled "Improvement of the Marketability of Cotton Produced in Zones Affected by Stickiness" funded the Common Fund for Commodities and the International Cotton Advisory Committee. The Sudan Cotton Company, the Agricultural Research Corporation, the Institut Textile de France, and the Cotton Technology Laboratory of CIRAD-CA have been partners to accumulate all the results which were shown. Stickiness of cotton fibers is an important problem in economic terms for the cotton business, from the grower to the transformation stages in the textile industry. The ongoing researches were able to define, for the first time, the importance of the problems which occur during spinning. Clear effects of stickiness on the productivity of an industrial mill have been shown. The quality of the yams, obtained through ring spinning or open end spinning is sensitive to stickiness. The classification of the bales produced using the H2SD (High Speed Stickiness Detector) seems to be a valid solution, both in technical and economical terms at the production stage. Some other solutions exist to suppress the effect of stickiness, but were not studied during this project. However, the effect of relative humidity and the effect of mixing sticky cotton with non-sticky cottons were studied at the laboratory scale.

Mots-clés : coton; défaut; qualité technologique; instrument de mesure; classification; balle; Échantillonnage; commercialisation; collage; thermodétecteur

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