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Interstitial areas, externality and local solidarity : the Sagara ravine case, Burundi

Guizol P., Duchaufour H.. 1995. In : Fifth Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Common Property (IASCP) : Proceedings. Washington : IASCP, p. 1-15. Common Property Conference IASCP. 5, 1995-05-24/1995-05-28, Bodo (Norvège).

The government's strategy for farmland soil conservation in Burundi, is dominated by a representation of farming system as an independent entity. So the tendency is to channel the water out of the individual's farm. This runoff water gathers between properties and begins to erode the soil, creating a larger common space between the farms in form of a ravine. This common space can be used by anyone to evacuate surplus water. What is the best way to evaluate the linear erosion problem in Burundi ? Is it to analyse farming systems and external effects ; or is it to reflect upon this new space as a common pool and are the related institutions able to manage it ?.
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