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The role of rural producers organizations in the World Bank rural development strategy

Bosc P.M., Eychenne D., Hussein K., Losch B., Mercoiret M.R., Rondot P., Mackintosh-Walker S.. 2002. Washington : World Bank, 173 p.. (Rural development strategy background paper : World Bank, 8).

The document is organised as follows. The first section presents the key issues of the time related to globalisation, highlighting the corresponding challenges for the RPOs. The second section summarises what has been achieved to characterise the producers' organisations as well as the lessons learned from the examples studied and the recommendations that result from them for the donors, particularly the World Bank. Parts three and four present, respectively, the case studies carried out by each team, from the CIRAD then from the ODI. The case studies of the CIRAD are preceded by an analysis of the different functions and programmes of support to RPOs. The case studies of the ODI are introduced by an analysis of the changing context in which public aid for development is implemented. Each of these sections concludes with a summary of the lessons learned from the case studies. The fifth section presents the references to the literature used throughout the study.

Mots-clés : coopérative de producteurs; association d'agriculteurs; développement agricole; développement rural; politique agricole; intervention de l'état; banque mondiale; mondialisation; organisation paysanne; afrique; asie; amérique latine

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