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French market, April 2002: Indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, mango

Imbert E., Cordier N.. 2002. Fruitrop (English ed.) (91) : p. 7-13.

Banana: Fairly good market behaviour in spite of substantial arrivals from the West Indies and often mixed quality. Demand was dynamic on both the local market and for certain major export destinations. Prices therefore decreased considerably in comparison with 2001, but remained at a satisfactory level. Avocado: The good performance of March was just a flash in the pan. The average price sank again, reaching depths rarely observed in April. It is true that quantities were very high as a result of the prolonging of the Israeli season and the whirlwind start to the South African season. In addition, demand was particularly disappointing. Orange: A series of good performances throughout the season on a market more used to upsets in recent seasons. Both prices and the volumes marketed are distinctly higher than last year. Grapefruit: Although not as good as in 2001, performance in April was decent. The volumes marketed were very closer to the average for the last three seasons and prices rose by about 7%. Nevertheless, the prolonging of the Turkish season weighed on the sales of fruits from Israel. Easy Peelers: End of season volumes of easy peelers were much larger than in 2001, an exceptionally weak year. Demand was steady but moderate throughout the month, with preference going to spring products. Prices became varied because of quality problems in certain varieties and fell significantly. Mango West African season: The switch in the source of supply from South Africa and Peru to West Africa has been difficult. Whereas the first finished rapidly in 2001, shipments continued until the second half of April this year. The presence of these origins considerably hindered the start of the West African season with the variety Amélie, whose marketing is called into question once again.

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