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French market, May 2002: Indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, mango

Imbert E., Cordier N.. 2002. Fruitrop (English ed.) (92) : p. 12-17.

Banana: Performance was satisfactory as the volumes marketed and the price increased by about 8% in comparison with the average for the past three seasons. Indeed, local demand and exports to northern Europe remained at a good level. Avocado: The avocado market-especially the green varieties-hit the low point of a particularly catastrophic season. Even though shipments from Kenya were limited, supplies were particularly large as a result of the continuation of the winter seasons and a high rate of shipments from South Africa. In addition, demand remained disappointing even though the low price levels tickled it a little. Orange: The orange market has been very satisfactory, in particular holding out against increasing competition from summer fruits. Although sales were smaller than in April, they were still significantly greater than those of the past two seasons. The average price did not therefore attain last year's heights but remained well above those of 2000. Grapefruit: Performance was most satisfactory with prices the same as the average for the last three seasons and sales up by 25% in comparison with the same period. Demand remained very active, probably because the competition from the season's fruits was weaker than usual. Mango West African season: After a difficult season for Amélie mangoes from West Africa in April, coloured mangoes formed the major part of supplies in May. Market conditions during this period were satisfactory as a whole, enhancing a good flow of produce at regular prices. This improvement will probably make it possible to make up for the poor start to the export season. (Résumé d'auteur)

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