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Comparative studies of courtship behavior of Ceratitis spp. (Diptera : Tephritidae) in Reunion island

Quilici S., Franck A., Peppuy A., Dos Reis Correia E., Mouniama C., Blard F.. 2002. Florida Entomologist, 85 (1) : p. 138-142.

DOI: 10.1653/0015-4040(2002)085[0138:CSOCBO]2.0.CO;2

Three species of Ceratitis (Diptera: Tephritidae) are damaging fruit crops in the French island of La Reunion, in the Indian Ocean. A comparison is given on the status of knowledge of mating behavior in these three species. Aspects examined include male pheromone calling (behavioral sequences, circadian rhythm, factors influencing calling), lek formation and pre-copulatory behavior. While Ceratitis capitata courtship behavior has been heavily studied in many countries, research data are still scarce for Ceratitis rosa and are only preliminary for Ceratitis catoirii.

Mots-clés : ceratitis; culture fruitière; ceratitis capitata; comportement sexuel; accouplement; phéromone; rythme biologique; réunion; france; ceratitis rosa; ceratitis catoirii

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