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CO2 fluxes and carbon sequestration within eucalypt stands in Congo

Nouvellon Y., Bonnefond J.M., Hamel O., Roupsard O., Saint André L., Mouvondy W.J., Epron D., Irvine M., Berbigier P., Jourdan C., Joffre R., Thongo A., Mabiala A., Deleporte P., Laclau J.P., Bouillet J.P., Marien J.N., Dauzat J.. 2002. In : CarboEurope Cluster. 2nd CarboEurope Meeting, Budapest (Hungary), 4-8 March 2002. Jena : CarboEurope, 1 p.. CarboEurope Meeting. 2, 2002-03-04/2002-03-08, Budapest (Hongrie).

Since October 2000, CO2 and water fluxes are measured within a young eucalypt stand in Congo. In this experiment, our main objective is to derive the net carbon ecosystem exchange ('carbon sequestration') from continuous Eddy flux measurements, and to compare these estimates to those obtained from 1) measurements of carbon stocks (soil and biomass) and their temporal variations, and 2) from estimations of Net Primary Productivity (NPP) and soil heterotrophic respiration. In the experiment, carbon stocks and soil respiration measurements are made over a chronosequence that includes stands from 6 months up to 10 years. The Eddy correlation site is located within the 3 year-old stand of the chronosequence.

Mots-clés : eucalyptus; cycle du carbone; Âge; mesure; sol tropical; respiration du sol; matière organique du sol; modèle mathématique; séquestration du carbone; congo

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