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Report on the IRRDB 1981 Hevea germplasm by Cirad (France), year 2002

Clément-Demange A., Chapuset T., Seguin M.. 2002. In : IRRDB. IRRDB Workshop on Breeding, Agroforestry and Socioeconomy, August 28 - September 6, 2002, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Medang (Indonesia). Montpellier : CIRAD-CP, 19 p.. numero_rapport: CP_SIC 1518. IRRDB Workshop on Breeding, Agroforestry and Socioeconomy, 2002-08-28/2002-09-06, Kuala Lumpur (Malaisie).

This report sums up the different rubber germplasm. operations carried out with Cirad participation, mainly in close cooperation with Cnra-Côte d'Ivoire, relating to collections, introduction and dispatching of germplasm, field evaluation, genetic diversity analysis, assessment of recombination. Results issued from research of the last three years are presented. The current position of Cirad and its specific interests related with IRRDB 1981 germplasm. are explained. A discussion about possible strategies for the use of IRRDB rubber germplasm is proposed. Specific interest is expressed for genetic variability management, with possible complementary roles of a core collection and of 'working populations' (to be developped), for natural pollination applied to germplasm. recombination and for the development of a IRRDB germplasm database.

Mots-clés : hevea brasiliensis; germplasm; projet de recherche; variation génétique; recombinaison; banque de gènes; côte d'ivoire

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