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Negative cross insensitivity in a dimethoate resistant strain of cotton aphid Aphis gossypii Glover in Northern Cameroon

Nibouche S., Beyo J., Brévault T., Staetz C.. 2002. Resistant Pest Management, 12 (1) : p. 25-26.

The sensitivity of an Aphis gossypii strain from Northern Cameroon to some organophosphates and carbamates was studied using the Potter tower bioassay technique. Comparison of this strain with a carbamate and organophosphate susceptible strain revealed a 36.7 fold resistance to dimethoate. No difference was noticed for methamidophos, monocrotophos and profenofos. On the other hand the Cameroon strain showed a 7.8 and 19.2 fold hypersensitivity respectively to carbosulfan and pirimicarb.

Mots-clés : gossypium; aphis gossypii; insecte nuisible; résistance aux pesticides; composé organophosphoré; carbamate; cameroun

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