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Physical, chemical and sensory evaluation of dried yam (Dioscorea rotundata) tubers, flour and amala, a flour-drived product

Akissoé N.H., Hounhouigan J.D., Bricas N., Vernier P., Nago M.C., Olorunda O.A.. 2001. Tropical Science, 41 (3) : p. 151-155.

Samples of dried yam and yam flour obtained from local markets were analysed. Market yam flour and dried tubers had similar proximate composition except that the crude fibre content of the flour was lower. The ratio of load of rupture of dried yam tubers was 180-1630 kg/kg, indicating the resistance of the product to crushing. The yam flour was very fine. There was significant difference in colour between yam flour and amala, a paste made from it. Amala is a whitish to dark brown, elastic, soft, non-sticky, faintly bitter and faintly sweet paste.

Mots-clés : igname; produit transformé; produit séché; farine; propriété physicochimique; analyse organoleptique; couleur; composition globale

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