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Micropropagation of Khaya senegalensis, an african mahogany from dry tropical zones

Danthu P., Diaité-Sanogo D., Sagna M., Sagna P.. 2003. Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 15 (1) : p. 164-175.

An in vitro cloning protocol was set up on seedlings of Khaya senegalensis then adapted to more mature plants. In vitro shoot multiplication was conducted by using a culture medium rich in mineral salts (MS medium) in the presence of IBA 0.26 [mu]M-added BAP 2.2 [mu]M. The rooting of microcuttings was favoured by a less concentrated medium (MS/2) and a weak auxin concentration (IBA 5.2 [mu]M) or by a 1- to 7-day-long induction on a medium with IBA 260 [mu]M, followed by transfer to a regulator-free medium. A method of micrografting of K. senegalensis was developed. It consisted of grafting apices or buds taken from young shoots onto the epicotyl of young seedlings grown in vitro. The survival and/or growth of the grafts were improved if the rootstock was grown in light and if the graft was an apex. The height at which grafting was performed (low down or high up on the epicotyl) had little influence. On the basis of these findings, a protocol for the rejuvenation and cloning of K. senegalensis has been proposed.

Mots-clés : micropropagation; greffage; bouturage; clonage; zone aride; khaya senegalensis

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