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Trade-off between economic efficiency and contamination by Coffee Processing : a bioeconomic model at the watershed level in Honduras

Barbier B., Hearne R.R., Gonzalez J.M.. 2003. In : IAAE. Reshaping Agriculture's Contribution to Society : 25th International Conference of Agricultural Economists, Durban, South Africa,16-22 August 2003. s.l. : s.n., 10 p.. International Conference of Agricultural Economists. 25, 2003-08-16/2003-08-22, Durban (Afrique du Sud).

In honduras, traditional coffee processing is the cause of two problems: poor coffee quality and contaminated water. In this study we propose to replace traditional coffee processing plants with a network of improved ecological plants that would be optimally located in a sub-watershed. The method is an adaptation of a spatial integer linear programming that determines the optimal location and size of new coffee processing plants. We applied the method to a typical subwatershed in the hillsides of western Honduras and show that coffee quality can be improved and contamination can be reduced substantially at a lower cost.

Mots-clés : café; environnement; qualité de l'eau; modèle mathématique; traitement; coût; gestion des eaux; honduras; usinage

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