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The effect of cotton fibre characteristics on the measurement of their resistance to rupture. Contribution to the study of the quality of measurements made using high volume instruments (HVI)

Gourlot J.P., Frydrych R., Renner M.. 2003. In : 4e Congresso Brasileiro de Algodão, Goiânia, Brasil, 15-18 setembro 2003. Montpellier : CIRAD, 1 p.. Congresso Brasileiro de Algodão. 4, 2003-09-15/2003-09-18, Goiânia (Brésil).

Cotton fiber strength as measured by HVI is the results of a calculation taking into account the results from a mechanical test and from an optical characterization of the number of broken fibers. This poster presents the general conditions that were used to check the precision and the accuracy of the strength measurement on a set of cotton covering a wide range of characteristics.

Mots-clés : coton; propriété technologique; mesure; instrument de mesure; qualité technologique

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