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Determination of cocoa purine content by near infrared spectroscopy

Davrieux F., Assemat S., Boulanger R., Cros E.. 2003. In : 14th International Cocoa Research Conference, 13-18 October 2003, Accra, Ghana. Montpellier : Cirad, 1 p.. Conférence Internationale sur la Recherche Cacaoyère. 14, 2003-10-13/2003-10-18, Accra (Ghana).

Caffeine and theobromine are involved in cocoa flavour development. Measurement of their contents is still used to determine the cocoa content of chocolate. It also seems to be accepted that the contents of these two compounds are linked to genetic and geographical origin. This study, which was conducted on cocoa varieties of different geographical origins, showed that near infrared spectroscopy can be a rapid and non-destructive alternative for determining these compounds.

Mots-clés : fève de cacao; purine; caféine; théobromine; technique analytique; spectroscopie infrarouge; variation génétique; provenance; côte d'ivoire; venezuela (république bolivarienne du); trinité-et-tobago

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