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Salting, drying and smoking of pork meat. Interactions between mass transfer and biochemical reactions

Poligne I., Collignan A., Trystram G.. 2001. In : ed. by J. Welti-Chanes, G.V. Barbosa-Canovas, J.M. Aguilera, L.C. Lopez-Leal, P. Wesche-Ebeling, A. Lopez-Malo, E. Palou-Garcia. Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress on Engineering and Food, Puebla, Mexico, 9-13 april 2000. Lancaster : Technomic, p. 1324-1329. International Congress on Engineering and Food. 8, 2000-04-09/2000-04-13, Puebla (Mexique).

" Boucané" is a traditional tropical salted and smoked pork meat from la Réunion Island. The processing involves simultaneous unit operations such as salting, drying, cooking and smoking. End product characteristics (salt content 5-18%, water content 23-41% and phenols content 1-7 mg/100 g) makes the product shelf-stable, aromatic and with a red-brown color. An experimental study is performing in order to better understand mechanisms (mass transfers, biochemical reactions) which occurred during process and their impact on product quality (stability, aroma and color). (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : viande porcine; salage; séchage; fumage; technologie traditionnelle; transfert de masse; contrôle de qualité; composition chimique; réunion; france

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