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Spectral indices as bio-indicators of sugar cane crop condition from hyperspectral CASI data

Bappel E., Bégué A., Despinoy M., Buchon Y., Siegmund B.. 2003. In : IEEE. IGARSS 2003: Learning from earth's shapes and colors : IEE international geosciences and remote sensing symposium,Toulouse, France, 21-25 July 2003. Piscataway : IEEE, p. 516-563. IGARSS 2003, 2003-07-21/2003-07-25, Toulouse (France).

This paper illustrates the advantages of the hyperspectral data for sugar cane crop management. In 2002, a casi airborne campaign and a ground measurement experiment were set up over sugar cane sites in Réunion Island. Early results indicate that LAI and biomass are significantly correlated with some narrow spectral bands in the NIR and that chemical leaf contents are well correlated with the PRI index. A multi-regression procedure was used to calculate transfer functions in order to produce thematic maps of LAI, biomass and nitrogen. [Author's abstract]

Mots-clés : canne à sucre; saccharum; conduite de la culture; télédétection; spectroscopie infrarouge; méthode statistique; couvert; indice de surface foliaire; chlorophylle; feuille; analyse de tissus; hauteur; physiologie végétale; analyse multivariée; réunion; france; paramètre physiologique

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