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The cattle farming development in la Reunion requires nex forms of territorial coordination : [Preprints]

Choisis J.P., Grimaud P., Alary V., Legendre E., Lepetit J., Thomas P., Blanfort V., Chia E., Lecomte P.. 2003. In : Product quality based on local resources and its portential contribution to improved sustainability, 6e International Livestock System Symposium, Benevento, Italie, 26-29 août 2003. s.l. : s.n., 5 p.. International Livestock System Symposium. 6, 2003-08-26/2003-08-29, Benevento (Italie).

In Reunion Island, the dynamism of the livestock farming sector together with a policy of support from the extremely remote regions and the development of the "Hauts" (heights) led to the appearance and expansion of the dairy and suckler cattle industries structured over a time span of 20 to 30 years. With two 500 strong livestock cooperatives developing the production of milk and meat of respectively 21.8 million litres and 1500 tonnes. They declare that their targets are to approximately double the production by the end of the decade. Combined with those of the sugar cane industry, these targets appear difficult to reach, in the present situation of land speculation and town and country planning. We put forward the hypothesis that the farming industries must seek new forms of territorial coordination, for the continuation of their development. We present some examples of the research work undertaken by the Cirad cattle farming centre in partnership with the production and processing networks, for the purpose of providing references and decision support tools.

Mots-clés : méthode d'élevage; production; réseau de recherche; politique de développement; lait; viande; réunion; france

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