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Indicators July-August 2003 : banana, avocado, grapefruit, mango, litchi

Imbert E., Greniez J., Gerbaud P.. 2003. Fruitrop (English ed.) (105) : p. 6-13.

Banana: The balance for the two-month period is very disappointing, especially after the optimism generated by the small European stone fruit harvest. Demand was crushed by the heat wave throughout Europe and was too small to handle supplies that were nevertheless smaller than usual because of the comparatively modest shipments of West Indian and dollar bananas. Avocado: Supplies were particularly strong in July and August. Shipments from Kenya and to a lesser degree from Mexico, were much higher than average. Furthermore, Peru emerged from its marginal status. The market for green varieties was thus over-supplied. Balance with that of Hass was less disturbed, except with regard to small fruits. Orange: Large volumes were sold and the average price was only slightly down on average. The small supplies of summer fruits probably accounts for this good performance. Grapefruit:Performance has been excellent. Although shipments were distinctly up on preceding seasons, availability was limited because of the small stocks held (as a result of import dips in May and June). Prices therefore continued to peak at rarely equalled levels. Mango West African season: July is a transition period in mango supplies. Mall, Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso gradually gave way to Mexico, Senegal and Israel. The August market was characterised by limited demand because of holidays, the heat wave and the greater attraction of summer fruits in spite of their high prices. The curtailed Mexican season and shipments from Israel, Senegal and Brazil resulted in substantial supplies and soon led to the forming of large stocks. Litchi: Already limited in June, the European litchi market was even quieter in July and August. The shortage of stone fruits caused by the heat wave did not result in a transfer of attention to exotic fruits. The high prices of temperate fruits caused a distinct decrease in fruit and vegetable consumption. Litchi sales were occasional and irregular in this difficult context.

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