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Food markets and agricultural development in Vietnam

Moustier P. (ed.), Dao Thê Anh (ed.), Figuié M.. 2003. Hanoi : MALICA, 108 p..

What are the wealth generating opportunities in Vietnam, other than exports, for the urban and rural poor? The domestic market represents twice the value of agricultural exports, yet the latter are the prîority focus of policies. The domestic market is currently experiencing considerable growth due to the increasing population, urbanisation and higher incomes. Food is diversifying towards meat, fruits and vegetables. Street food is expanding. Quality of appearance, taste and safety are becoming a major concern for consumers. Local food production has demonstrated its capacity to respond to the growth of consumer demand, thanks to appropriate agricultural policies. However, the food supply is often irregular in quantity (seasonal surplus and deficits) and quality. Moreover, inequalities in agricultural încomes are becoming more and more marked from one region to another and the workforce, in excess in the rural areas, cannot easily shift from agriculture to Cher activities, e.g. the food processing sector is still to a large extent undeveloped. In perurban areas, agriculture is very receptive to market opportunities and its roles are varied (supply of fresh food, employment, greening), but its sustainability is threatened by pressure on land, as well as agricultural and non-agricultural pollution. The present organisation of commodity chains, both small-scale and competitive, is favourable to a low end price of food products. Yet due to a lack of farmers' trade associations, contracts between farmers and traders, and înformation and control devices, quality and regularity of food supply cannot be guaranteed. Hence the economic opportunities in the domestic food sector could be împroved by public support of the provision of information (both technical and commercial) and the organisation of the stakeholders in the agricultural sector.

Mots-clés : marché; production alimentaire; marché intérieur; dynamique des populations; sociologie économique; démographie; consommation alimentaire; agriculture périurbaine; développement agricole; urbanisation; fruits; légume; viande; revenu; durabilité; produit alimentaire; exportation; viet nam; multifonctionnalité; filière

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