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French market, november 2003 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, litchi

Imbert E., Greniez J., Gerbaud P.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (108) : p. 10-17.

Banana: Satisfactory average price conditions were achieved on the banana market in most EU countries after a catastrophic summer and a difficult beginning to the autumn. But this good performance should be viewed in relative terms. It is explained mainly by markedly insufficient supplies in all the countries of the community. The real driving force in France was export to countries in the north of the EU, while local trade indicators remained at an alarming level. Avocado: The average price was disappointing, with more supplies than last year but 20% less than average. This poor performance was caused by a particularly difficult market for green varieties. On the one hand, supplies were more plentiful than last year as the production of Spanish Bacon/Fuerte had returned to normal. On the other, the increasingly marked preference of the large supermarket chains for Hass had a very negative effect on sales. Orange: Performance was fairly satisfactory for Spanish operators-the only ones to be active in November, shipping Naveline and the very first Salustiana. It is true that the volumes sold were markedly down on preceding seasons. However, the decrease is counter-balanced by an increase in the average price, that peaked at a level rarely observed at this time of year. GrapeFruit: November marked the end of an exceptionally favourable six-month period. Unsurprisingly, demand was very slow during the second half of the month. In parallel, supplies returned to an average level with the true start of the Florida season at the beginning of the month. Prices were substantially readjusted, reaching a level close to the average of the preceding seasons. Easy peelers: After a flamboyant start of the season, the easy peeler market changed completely in November. On the one hand, the quantities available increased considerably with the start of the Spanish Nules season, with large volumes, and the true start of the Corsican and Moroccan seasons. In addition, the appearance of serious problems of quality in a significant proportion of supplies (caused by heavy rainfall throughout the month in the main production zones) had a very negative impact on demand. Litchi: In contrast with last year, litchi production in the Indian Ocean is more normal although the weather conditions have not always been favourable. The start of the harvest in the various production areas is nonetheless a little late and the market is fairly sluggish.

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