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Reform of common market organisation of banana. Ready for combat

Loeillet D.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (110) : p. 8-13.

The common market organisation (CMO) of banana is to undergo two major reforms in the coming months. The first is related to the enlargement of the EU to 10 new member states on 1 May 2004. The second results from the agreement signed by Europeans, Americans and Ecuadoreans in April 2001 concerning the switch to a tariff-only system on 1 January 2006 at the latest. The two deadlines have generated much discussion in world banana sectors. Everybody knows that there is a risk of destabilisation of the international market. Nevertheless, the proposals for reform differ radically according to whether one is producer or importer, in the ACP or dollar zone or in northern or southern Europe. The recent seminar on banana held in Ecuador is an opportunity to review everybody's positions.

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