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Sustainable development of peri-urban agriculture in South-East Asia project. Strategies of stakeholders in vegetable commodity chain supplying Hanoi market

Ho Thanh Son, Bui Thi Thai, Moustier P.. 2003. Hanoï : RIFAV, 50 p..

The objectives of this specific study are: - To understand the situation of some vegetables areas supplying Hanoi, - To describe the flows supplying Hanoi vegetable market, - To understand the roles and relationships of the stakeholders of the commodity chains supplying Hanoi vegetable market, - To understand the advantages and constraints of each stakeholder. The study focuses on 4 product flows from 4 different supplying regions: - The safe vegetable flow from Dong Anh - the main safe vegetable supplier of supermarkets, stores of state-owned and private companies, canteens of schools and kindergardens. - The normal vegetable flow from Me Linh - the important vegetable supplier of Dich Vong wholesale market. - The vegetable flow from Gia lam- the main vegetable supplier of Bac Qua-Long Bien wholesale market. - The vegetable flow from Thanh Tri - the main vegetable supplier of Mo and Nga Tu So market. The relation between the producing areas and markets depends on the distance from producing region to markets, and the strategies as regards quality management. The safe vegetable channel is characterised by close relationship between stakeholders. The retailers are the stakeholders regulating the chain. They inform the stakeholders upstream the chain about the demands of the market and induce them to widen their scale in order to be more efficient. The biggest limit of this flow is that consumers have little confidence in the product quality. The demand for safe vegetables is increasing but producers cannot find regular outlets for their safe vegetables. In the normal vegetable flows, the assignment of the different actors is relatively clear; however, in almost all the three flows, the relationships among them are very loose as illustrated by the commodity chain from Me Linh to Hanoi. The participation of the farmers in the market is relatively frequent, especially for farmers from Thanh Tri and Gia Lam. The irregular involvement of many farmers in the market makes the flows less centralized. That is the reason why the information from the market to producing regions is very scattered. This affects the income of the stakeholders. Product quality is one of the factors connecting market and production levels. This is a tool to connect the actors participating in commodity chain. This is clearly expressed in the safe vegetable flow. Nowadays, in peri-urban districts, the pressure of urbanization and the cultivated area reduction have led the farmers to change their strategies. They choose vegetables giving more profitability and improve the quality to raise the income per area unit. On the other hand, to make customers willing to buy at higher prices, it is important to make them trust that the bought products have the quality mentioned on the labels. So it is necessary to help consumers to have means to check the products quality. The first step is to help actors building the standard of product quality. In any case, the state should act as a referee to make actors respect the regulations.

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