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From alley cropping to cashew farms

Ruf F., Lançon F.. 2004. In : Ruf François (ed.), Lançon Frédéric (ed.). From slash-and-burn to replanting : Green revolutions in the Indonesian uplands?. Washington : World Bank, p. 95-101. (Regional and Sectoral Studies).

Flores is an island at the heart of the small archipelago between Bali and Timor. The eastern part of this archipelago is an Indonesian province called Nusa Tenggara Timur, and Flores is part of it. This chapter examines the adoption of cashew as a new tree crop in the Sikka district, an already densely populated and cultivated region of Flores. Cashew can be viewed both as a mean of reforestation for degraded ladang and as a source of relatively safe and sustainable income.

Mots-clés : anacardium occidentale; noix de cajou; système d'exploitation agricole; innovation; culture intercalaire; possibilité de production; agroforesterie; indonésie

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