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Amplified somatic embryogenesis from male flowers of triploid banana and plantain cultivars (Musa spp.)

Escalant J.V., Teisson C., Côte F.X.. 1994. In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology. Plant, 30 (4) : p. 181-186.

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of banana and plantain cultivars (Musa spp.) were obtained by culturing young male flowers. Multiplication and maintenance of embryogenic cultures were achieved by culturing somatic embryos in a temporary immersion system (SIT). A multiplication rate of 40 allowed us to obtain more than 6000 somatic embryos after 6 mo. of subculture. Plant recovery frequencies were 60 to 70%. This method was expanded to different banana and plantain genomic groups.

Mots-clés : immersion; culture in vitro; triploïdie; embryogénèse somatique; musa (plantains); musa (bananes)

Thématique : Multiplication végétative des plantes

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