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Sugarcane pathology. Volume 3, Bacterial and nematode diseases

Rao G.P. (ed.), Saumtally A.S. (ed.), Rott P. (ed.). 2004. Enfield : Science Publishers, 355 p..

This book details the current status of research being conducted worldwide on bacterial and nematode diseases of sugarcane. The subject matter deals with new biotechnological and molecular tools for diagnosis and characterization of bacterial and nematode pathogens and reliable detection of these pathogens in infected samples. Important nematode species associated with sugarcane have been described in detail in this book. Their characterization, diversity, economic importance and biological status have also been discussed. It will stimulate further research on sugarcane diseases and will serve as an important reference for students and scientists involved in sugarcane and related crops. Contents: Section I: Introduction. Current scenario and future perspectives of sugarcane bacterial diseases: G.P. Rao et al. Section II: Reviewed diseases. Bacterial diseases of sugarcane in India: a bird's eye view: S.K. Duttamajumder. Gumming disease: the pathogen and its management: A. Salem Saumtally and Asha Dookun-Saumtally. Leaf scald of sugarcane: a disease of worldwide importance: S. Saumtally and A. Dookun-Saumtally. Ratoon stunting disease: Michael P. Grisham. Ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane: history, management and current research: Anthony Young and Stevens Brumbley. Section III: New diseases. False red stripe in Brazil: epidemiology and causal agent: E.A. Giglioti et al. Red streak disease: H. Rahimian. Bacterial spindle rot disease of sugarcane in India: A.S. Patil. Section IV: Diagnosis and diversity studies. Serodiagnosis of Leifsonia xyli subsp. Xyli causing ratoons stunting disease in sugarcane: R. Viswanathan. Identification of sugarcane bacterial pathogens and assessing of their genetic diversity using molecular techniques: Philippe Rott and Michael J. Davis. DNA-based molecular diagnostic protocols for sugarcane bacterial diseases: Y.-B. Pan et al. Section V: Host parasite interaction. Metabolic alterations due to bacterial disease in sugarcane: G.P. Rao et al. Section VI: Management. Control of ratoon stunting disease transmission: Paul W.J. Trylor. Novel approaches in management of sugarcane bacterial diseases: G.P. Rao and R. Viswanathan. Section VII: Nematode diseases. Recent research on nematode pests of sugarcane: S. Easwaramoorthy and C. Sankaranarayanan. Nematode parasites of sugarcane and their management: Abdul Rashid. Biotechnological approaches in nematode management: A.K. Ganguly et al. Non-chemical methods of nematode management in sugarcane: Sheela M.S. and C. Mohandas

Mots-clés : saccharum; maladie des plantes; maladie bactérienne; ravageur des plantes; nématode des plantes


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