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French market, mai 2004 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, litchi, mango west African season

Imbert E., Gerbaud P.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (114) : p. 10-17.

Banana: The good behaviour of the market surprised a large proportion of operators. It is true that the average price only equalled that of 2003, but the divergence from average continued to close. In particular, fears of a collapse of prices following the increase in the quota proved to be unfounded. Supplies remained measured while temperatures lower than seasonal averages had a positive impact on demand and limited competition from the season's fruits. Avocado: Performance was fairly satisfactory as the average price and the quantities sold were noticeably above the average for recent seasons. The green avocado market was less critical than in April as supplies from Kenya and South Africa were fairly moderate. The situation was relatively favourable for Hass until the end of the month, when the strong increase in shipments changed the market. Orange: The orange market remained as buoyant as in the three preceding months. The quantities sold and average prices increased markedly again. It is true that the context was very favourable as competition from the season's fruits was limited. Nevertheless, Navelate undeniably had a very positive impact on demand for the fourth month running. Grapefruit: Operators will have drunk the cup to the lees. As was already felt in April, the end of the 2003/2004 season was disappointing, especially in the light of the excellent prices reached last year and importers' expectations. In spite of the relatively late start of arrivals from the southern hemisphere, supplies were much more varied than expected as a result of the stocks available in Florida, Turkey and Israel. In addition, demand was not at all dynamic. Litchi: The European market was supplied almost only by Thailand throughout May. Deliveries were regular. Most of the goods from this origin were shipped in sea containers, except for the French and British markets where air shipments were dominant in the first half of the month. Although it is difficult to estimate the quantities received, they remained modest and probably smaller than those shipped during the same period in 2003. The limiting of tonnage help to maintain stable, firm prices. Mango West African Season: The increase in supplies from Côte d'Ivoire in May enabled the return to a balanced market situation. In the absence of true competition from Latin American origins, mangoes from West African countries sold steadily on the various markets in Europe. Sales became more difficult in the second half of May as a result of the combined effect of strong supplies and a marked decrease in demand for tropical fruits.

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