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Rice mutant resources for gene discovery

Hirochika H., Guiderdoni E., An G., Hsing Y.I.C., Young Eun M., Han C.D., Upadhyaya N., Ramachandran S., Zhang Q., Pereira A., Sundaresan V., Leung H.. 2004. Plant Molecular Biology, 54 (3) : p. 325-334.

DOI: 10.1023/B:PLAN.0000036368.74758.66

With the completion of genomic sequencing of rice, rice has been firmly established as a model organism for both basic and applied research. The next challenge is to uncover the functions of genes predicted by sequence analysis. Considering the amount of effort and the diversity of disciplines required for functional analyses, extensive international collaboration is needed for this next goal. The aims of this review are to summarize the current status of rice mutant resources, key tools for functional analysis of genes, and our perspectives on how to accelerate rice gene discovery through collaboration.

Mots-clés : oryza sativa; mutant; gène; ressource génétique; recherche; coopération internationale

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