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A new process to identify the weeds of La Réunion Island : the Advenrun system

Le Bourgeois T., Jeuffrault E., Grard P., Carrara A.. 2004. In : Weed Society of New South Wales. 14th Australian Weeds Conference proceedings: weed management - balancing people, planet, profit, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, 6-9 September 2004. Wahroonga : B.M. Sindel ; S.B. Johnson, p. 660-663. Australian Weeds Conference. 14, 2004-09-06/2004-09-09, Wagga Wagga (Australie).

Weeds are an important constraint for Reunion agriculture. Control options vary depending on the weed species present. The difficult encountered by non-botanists when identifying weeds using classical tools such as floras or handbooks, (too technical, not effective for seedlings or incomplete specimens, not sufficiently precise) led ns to dvyelop new computer aided identification tools. The software AdvenRun V.1.0 allows anybody to easily identify the major weeds of La Reunion Island. It uses a graphical system that identifies the plants step by step using images.The user has free choice of characters to describe the weed using graphical modalities. Species are listed according to the probability of each being correct. Each species is completely described with numerous colour illustrations botanical drawings and descriptive text. Species descriptive files can also be accessed from a website where the information (e.g. distribution and control methods) is regularly updated.

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