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Experimental plots : key features

Gourlet-Fleury S., Ferry B., Molino J.F., Petronelli P., Schmitt L.. 2004. In : Gourlet-Fleury Sylvie (ed.), Guehl Jean-Marc (ed.), Laroussinie Olivier (ed.). Ecology and management of a neotropical rainforest : lessons drawn from Paracou, a long-term experimental research site in French Guiana. Paris : Elsevier, p. 3-60.

The present chapter first provides a general overview of the Paracou experimental site within the ecological context of French Guiana and describes the original design of the Silvicultural Project and the main data collected on the plots. It then reviews the main characteristics and potential differences between these plots, as a basis for further discussion and interpretation of the results reported in some of the following chapters.

Mots-clés : régime sylvicole; champ; lumière; composition botanique; guyane française; france; essai sylvicole; parcelle expérimentale

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