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French market, July-August 2004 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, litchi, mango West African season

Imbert E., Gerbaud P.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (116) : p. 6-13.

Banana: In contrast with the two preceding years, there was no major crisis this year. However, the fairly satisfactory July market was much more difficult in August as supplies were relatively plentiful. But prices remained under control with the exception of those of a few clearance operations at the end of the month. Avocado: A month with small inflow took the market out of the serious situation that started in June. Although demand was sluggish throughout the summer, the small quantities arriving in July resulted in gradual market recovery right at the end of the month. The market swung from one extreme to the other yet again. Maintaining a medium flow of supplies during the first two-thirds of the month sent the average price rocketing to nearly 2 euros per kg in August. Orange: The first part of the summer season for oranges was as satisfactory as the winter one. Vigorous demand in July-probably because competition from the season's fruits was limited, resulted in the market taking distinctly more fruits than average. The situation was balanced in August in spite of a marked slowing of business (slump on the peach/nectarine market) as shipments decreased. The average price for the two months was nearly 15% higher than average. Grapefruit: Supplies were more ample than the extremely limited shipments seemed to indicate. Indeed, stocks were substantial at the beginning of July after the continuation of the winter season into June. Demand was comparatively slow as is usual in summer. The average price decreased markedly in comparison with the exceptional 2003 level and was close to that of 2002. Litchi: The European market imported and sold less tropical fruits in July and August. The availability of numerous summer fruits and the holiday period is not favourable for imported fruits. Litchi sales were marginal in this context. Litchis from Israel dominated supplies in Europe in August and sold slowly. The quantities shipped amply covered demand especially as shipments from China complemented them, especially in northern European countries. Mango West African Season: The mango market was very difficult in July and August. July started well because of a fresh period of under-supply but market conditions worsened suddenly in mid-month. It entered a long slump and did not recover until the end of August.

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