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Review of the 2003/2004 citrus season : a new record, but... !

Imbert E.. 2004. Fruitrop (English ed.) (117) : p. 5-8.

The 2003/2004 season has not been an easy one. Poor weather strongly disturbed the progress of the season, especially for easy peelers. However, Mediterranean citrus growers succeeded in beating the export volume record set in 2002/2003. With 5 864 000 tonnes, the Mediterranean area confirmed its position as the world's leading exporter. The fresh increase undeniably has a conjunctural component (poor supplies of competing fruits) but the main reason is the varietal innovation strategy implemented in certain countries like Spain and which is beginning to show results for both easy peelers and oranges. The picture nevertheless has a dark side. Although Western European markets are growing strongly, those in Eastern Europe are marking time after several years of strong regular growth. Is the trend conjunctural or structural? Mediterranean exporters should ask themselves this question as the equilibrium of expanding Mediterranean citrus growing depends to a considerable extent on the evolution of these export destinations.

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