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Beyond tropical deforestation : from tropical deforestation to forest cover dynamics and forest development

Babin D. (ed.). 2004. Montpellier : CIRAD; UNESCO, 525 p..

In recent years, scientists and researchers worldwide have focused on the following key question: does the diagnosis of irreversible destruction of both forests and their biodiversity actually mask a wide range of patterns? Beyond Tropical Deforestation examines this issue, drawing on the results of fieldwork and theoretical studies from disciplines spanning the natural and social sciences. Its 36 chapters are organized into three main parts: measuring and understanding deforestation and forest dynamics; forest dynamics as a complex societal process; and research, management and development perspectives. Each of these attempts to answer fundamental questions such as: what is deforestation and how do we measure it? What changes result from deforestation and how do human societies manage these changes? What research is needed to address such complex issues? The interdisciplinary approach of Beyond Tropical Deforestation makes it a valuable source of ideas and data for natural and social scientists. Examples from Latin America, Asia and Africa illustrate the different dimensions and perceptions of deforestation and underline the importance of opening the mind to the complex issues involved. This book will be of assistance to scientists, managers, development agencies and concerned individuals. It explores the many and varied aspects of deforestation; a process whose consequences and effects are not always as negative as perceived.

Mots-clés : déboisement; dégât; impact sur l'environnement; ressource forestière; dynamique des populations

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