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A preliminary assessment of the potential role of information and communication technology in support of poverty alleviation policies for rurale populations : AGRI-ICT project report

Bourgeois R.. 2004. Bogor : UNESCAP-CAPSA, 52 p.. (CAPSA Working Paper, 76).

This working paper summarizes the results of a structured collective exercise where participants first presented their country reports and experience. A cross-country comparison was then conducted, item by item in order to identify common and specific problems. A brainstorming approach enabled to discuss possible solutions and strategies to be further tailored for each country. Finally, in a follow up step these strategies were synthesized into a more comprehensive framework intended to provide basic guidelines for other Asian and Pacific countries in the field of ICT to support decision-making for poverty alleviation in rural areas where poor populations rely on the CGPRT sector. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : recherche; technologie; système d'information; plante de culture

Thématique : Documentation et information


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