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Effects of the leaf: Fruit ratio on some quality components of 'Lirfa' mango

Lechaudel M., Jannoyer M., Joas J.. 2004. In : Pinto A.C. De Q. (ed.), Pereira M.E.C. (ed.), Alves R.E. (ed.). Proceedings of the Seventh International Mango Symposium, Recife City, Brazil, 22-27 September, 2002. Wageningen : ISHS, p. 435-439. (Acta Horticulturae, 645). International Mango Symposium. 7, 2002-09-22/2002-09-27, Recife City (Brésil).

Fruit growth and quality were assessed in response to three leaf:fruit ratios: 25, 50 and 100. Mango fruits were harvested at different stages during the growing period. Biochemical composition was assessed on fruit pulp to study the different components of fruit quality. Fruit growth rates increased with higher leaf:fruit ratio. At maturity, fruit weights were respectively about 375, 440 and 590 g for the three treatments. Fruit growth was associated with a loss in pulp acidity and with an increase of dry matter content and total soluble solids. We observed an effect of leaf:fruit ratio on these indicators of eating quality. Levels of carbohydrates, especially starch, sucrose and fructose, were higher when assimilate supply was increased (100 leaves per fruit). Citric and malic acids metabolisms were influenced by the leaf:fruit ratio. K+ was found to be the major mineral element in mango pulp.

Mots-clés : mangifera indica; mangue; feuille; fruit; qualité; teneur en glucides; acide organique; croissance; composition chimique; pulpe de fruits; poids; teneur en éléments minéraux; teneur en matière sèche; réunion; france

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