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Bluetongue control using vaccines: experience of the Mediterranean islands

Gerbier G., Hendrikx P., Roger F., Zientara S., Biteau-Coroller F., Grillet C., Baldet T., Albina E.. 2004. Veterinaria Italiana, 40 (4) : p. 611-615. International Symposium on Bluetongue. 3, 2003-10-26/2003-10-29, Taormina (Italie).

Following the emergence of bluetongue (BT) virus serotype 2 on the island of Corsica in 2000, annual monovalent vaccination campaigns of the ovine population were conducted between 2001 and 2003. Despite vaccination, outbreaks were reported from several areas in 2001, but since November 2001, the absence of clinical cases in Corsica proves that vaccination is effective. This experience in Corsica is examined and, using available data, compared to the situation and the vaccination strategies on other Mediterranean islands. In light of the expansion of a new serotype of BTV onto these islands, a Mediterranean information network for BT and other emerging diseases is proposed.

Mots-clés : vaccination; fièvre catarrhale du mouton; virus; immunologie; corse; france; contrôle sanitaire

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