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GENECLASS2: A software for genetic assignment and first-generation migrant detection

Piry S., Alapetite A., Cornuet J.M., Paetkau D., Baudouin L., Estoup A.. 2004. Journal of Heredity, 95 (6) : p. 536-539.

DOI: 10.1093/jhered/esh074

GENECLASS2 is a software that computes various genetic assignment criteria to assign or exclude reference populations as the origin of diploid or haploid individuals, as well as of groups of individuals, on the basis of multilocus genotype data. In addition to traditional assignment aims, the program allows the specific task of first-generation migrant detection. It includes several Monte Carlo resampling algorithms that compute for each individual its probability of belonging to each reference population or to be a resident (i.e., not a first-generation migrant) in the population where it was sampled. A user-friendly interface facilitates the treatment of large datasets.

Mots-clés : génétique des populations; paramètre génétique; population composite; logiciel

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