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Analytical bayesian approach for assigning individuals to populations

Baudouin L., Piry S., Cornuet J.M.. 2004. Journal of Heredity, 95 (3) : p. 217-224.

DOI: 10.1093/jhered/esh035

We propose a general formulation of the Bayesian method for assigning individuals to a population among a predetermined set of reference populations using molecular marker information. Compared to previously published methods, ours allows us to consider different types of prior information about allele frequencies by using a Dirichlet prior probability distribution. It also makes it possible to assign a set of individuals assumed to belong to the same population with increased accuracy using their pooled genotype data. The efficiency of the method is illustrated by application to a group of closely related coconut populations. An interesting feature of the Bayesian procedure is the way it handles imprecise information. With a poor or even incomplete dataset, assignment is still be possible and gives valid results: poor data quality is reflected in an ambiguous result rather than in a false conclusion.

Mots-clés : méthode statistique; génétique des populations

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