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Modeling effects of weather and source-sink relationships on mango fruit growth

Lechaudel M., Génard M., Lescourret F., Urban L., Jannoyer M.. 2005. Tree Physiology, 25 (5) : p. 583-597.

DOI: 10.1093/treephys/25.5.583

We modeled the effects of weather and source-sink factors on mango fruit growth. The peach fruit-growth model "Cashoo" was adapted for mango fruit. The model ac-counts for the main processes of fruit growth, i.e., leaf photo-synthesis, fruit demand, fruit respiration, and storage and mobilization of leaf and stem reserves. Simulations for three successive years and for various leaf-to-fruit ratio treatments showed good agreement with observed fruit growth data. Simulations of fruit growth under different climatic conditions, especially with contrasting temperature and radiation, and for different values of initial fruit dry mass and leaf-to-fruit ratio, showed that variations in fruit growth among years can be partly explained by climatic variations through their effects on leaf photosynthesis, fruit demand and fruit growth rate. How-ever, climatic changes contribute substantially less to observed variability in fruit growth than to initial fruit dry mass and leaf-to-fruit ratio.

Mots-clés : mangifera indica; relation source puits; croissance; modèle; photosynthèse; respiration; changement climatique; teneur en matière sèche; feuille; fruit

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