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Improving sugarcane supply chain management in the South-African sugar industry, visit report to SASRI 28 March - 6 April 2005

Le Gal P.Y.. 2005. Montpellier : CIRAD-TERA, 8 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-TERA N° 06-05.

The purpose of visiting SASRI was aimed (i) at finalizing the 2004 study report about the cane payment system and (ii) at discussing extensions of the research activities conducted since 2002 in the Sezela mill area. Three main activities were investigated. Firstly, an extension of the methodology used in Sezela to the Amatikulu mill area will start in the following months. The report gives some indications about the steps to follow. Secondly, information was collected in order to simulate the impact of an optimal variety plan on the sugar production at Sezela. Thirdly, contacts were made to tackle new strategic issues linked with the diversification of sugarcane outputs (electricity, ethanol, bio-molecules). Meanwhile the English version of the software MAGI was completed. A workshop will be organized in July in order to carry on these three new initiatives. It will follow the SASTA Congress where a paper based on the 2004 study will be presented.

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