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Linking a farming system modelling tool (Olympe) with a multi-agent-system software (Cormas) in order to understand resources uses in agricultural complex systems

Bonte B., Penot E., Le Page C., Tourrand J.F.. 2005. In : 20th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation, Riga, Lettonie, juin 2005. Montpellier : Cirad, 14 p.. European Conference on Modelling and Simulation. 20, 2005-06, Riga (Lettonie).

The goal of this paper is to propose an articulation between a farming system modelling software "Olympe" and an agent-based simulation platform "Cormas". Olympe (developed by an INRA/CIRAD/IAMM collaboration), is used to characterize and analyse farming systems identified as major centers of decision in agriculture. Cormas (developed by CIRAD) allows the representation of complex situations taking into account interactions between various actors. We will first describe both models and display the interest of combining the tools. Then, we will see how we developed a new platform based on both of the software. Thirdly, we will present our platform through a simple pedagogic example. Lastly, we will discus pros and cons of such approach and identify perspectives. The objective of the study was to couple accurate economic information from a farming system modelling tool, Olympe, into a MAS in order to obtain a better definition of the actor "farmer" as well as to profit from potential data base created with olympe on various types of farming ,systems. However the two sofwares have been written in a different languages with different format. A linkage has been effectively developed in a pedagogic perspective in order to show the interest of coupling the two tools in order to better explain complex systems and impact of technical changes in situations where the farmer is a very major actor and has to be economically defined with precision. MSA allows interactions analysis that is not possible with Olympe. The two softwares appear very complementary beside their different objectives. Such initial work paves the way for further work in coupling both tools with all the level of complexity required for the analysis of by some agrarians situations.
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