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Cassava starch snack formulation using functional shell fish by-products : Mechanical, sorption and geometric properties

Gibert O., Rakshit S.. 2005. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 85 (11) : p. 1938-1946.

DOI: 10.1002/jsfa.2200

Utilisation of by-products of the shrimp industry, namely shrimp head protein and chitosan, could lead to a functional snack with substantial market in Asia. Produced on a cassava starch base this would lead to a product with shrimp flavour and chitosan's lipid adsorption capacity. The characteristics of such a mixture with 82% deacetylated chitosan and salt was investigated by Rapid Visco Analyser and instrumental Texture Profile Analyser using the Doehlert Uniform Shell experimental design. Polynomial models explained more than 88% of variability of responses. A significant effect of salt, shrimp head proteins and chitosan was observed on cassava starch gelling characteristics. A corresponding heat and shear stress resistance ability was observed while there was a reduction in its specific swelling power. Snacks prepared in the form of chips and extruded product confirmed their good potential for added value to snack foods in respect of their 90-94% linear expansion ratio, up to 1.1 kg maximum breaking force and up to 4.5 radial expansion ratio. Adsorption isotherm of extrudates had a maximum water content target of 115 g kg-1 dry matter at 25°C for a later formulation and extrusion optimisation, in order to guarantee consumer texture acceptability. Corresponding shelf-lives of extrudates were calculated at three storage conditions.

Mots-clés : manioc; snacks; amidon; tapioca; chitosane; formulation; texture; sous-produit de pêche; coquillages et crustacés; propriété mécanique; sorption; asie

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