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Host-range phylogenetic grouping of capripoxviruses : genetic typing of CaPVs

Le Goff C., Fakhfakh E., Chadeyras A., Aba Adulugba E., Libeau G., Hammami S., Diallo A., Albina E.. 2005. In : Makkar Harinder P.S. (ed.), Viljoen Gerrit J. (ed.). Applications of gene-based technologies for improving animal production and health in developing countries. Berlin : Springer, p. 727-733. International Symposium on Applications of Gene-based Technologies for Improving Animal Production and Health in Developing Countries, 2003-10-06/2003-10-10, Vienne (Autriche).

Because of their close relationship, specific identification of the CaPVs genus inside the Poxviridae family relies mainly on molecular tools rather than on classical serology. We describe the suitability of the G protein-coupled chemokine receptor (GPCR), for host range phylogenetic grouping. The analysis of 26 CaPVs shows 3 tight genetic clusters consisting of goatpox virus (GPV), lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV), and sheeppox virus (SPV).

Mots-clés : capripoxvirus; immunologie; maladie des animaux; génétique moléculaire; mouton

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