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Smallholder product quality certification in absence of the State : Frango colonial in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Henry G., Sautier D., Lindner G.. 2003. In : 13th Annual World Food and Agribusiness Forum and Symposium : Cancun, Mexico, June 21-24, 2003. College Station : IAMA, 14 p.. Annual World Food and Agribusiness Forum and Symposium. 13, 2003-06-21/2003-06-24, Cancun (Mexique).

Small-scale/family agriculture's insertion into demanding product markets has been the overall line of R&D for a group of Brazilian-French researchers, including this theme on 5 experiences with farmyard chicken quality assurance management, in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. Results show the importance of established, detailed, transparent and accountable technical product & system norms for success. Also, that small-scale farmers men and women) do have the in-house capacity to manage a quality assurance system. Furthermore, it is important that the government rapidly adapts the old (1999) very broad "frango caipira" norms to be as specific as possible, and to establish appropriate quality control practices. Recent associative developments within the sector are crucial to accelerate the success of this new opportunity for family agriculture.

Mots-clés : produit alimentaire; certification; qualité; assurance qualité; petite entreprise; contrôle de qualité; comportement du consommateur; brésil

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