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Development of microsatellite markers for mango (Mangifera indicaL.)

Duval M.F., Bunel J., Sitbon C., Risterucci A.M.. 2005. Molecular Ecology Notes, 5 (4) : p. 824-826.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1471-8286.2005.01076.x

Microsatellite markers for mango (Mangifera indica L.) were developed using a genomic library enriched for (GA)n and (GT)n dinucleotide repeats. A subset of 41 positive clones was sequenced and primers were designed. Twenty-eight primer pairs produced polymorphic amplification products for a diversity sample including 15 mango cultivars and two accessions from the related species Mangifera laurina and Mangifera applanata. Nineteen simple sequence repeat (SSR) loci with clear scorable patterns were chosen to study diversity in the mango germplasm bank of Guadalupe (FWI). The number of alleles ranged from three to 13 with observed levels of heterozygosity ranging from 0.059 to 0.857.

Mots-clés : mangifera indica; marqueur génétique; microsatellite; ressource génétique; banque de gènes; polymorphisme; guadeloupe; france; diversité génétique

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