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Diploid ancestors of triploid export banana cultivars : Molecular indentification of 2n restitution gamete donors and n gamete donors

Raboin L.M., Carreel F., Noyer J.L., Baurens F.C., Horry J.P., Bakry F., Tézenas Du Montcel H., Ganry J., Lanaud C., Lagoda P.. 2005. Molecular Breeding, 16 (4) : p. 333-341.

DOI: 10.1007/s11032-005-2452-7

The origin of triploid export banana cultivars was investigated. They all belong to Cavendish and Gros Michel subgroups of triploid clones and have a monospecific Musa acuminata origin. The appearance of these cultivars is thought to be result of hybridization between partially sterile diploid cultivars producing non reduced gametes and fertile diploids producing normal haploid gametes. To trace these diploid ancestors we compared the RFLP patterns, revealed by 36 probe/enzyme combinations, of 176 diploid clones representing the worldwide available variability with that of clones from the Cavendish and Gros Michel subgroups. This lead us to the identification of the common putative diploid ancestor of cultivars from Cavendish and Gros Michel subgroups which contributed to triploid cultivar formation through the production of 2n restitution gametes. For cultivars of Gros Michel subgroup we also propose a normal gamete donor that may have complemented the triploid allele set.

Mots-clés : musa acuminata; variété; identification; biodiversité; phylogénie; diploïdie; rflp; triploïdie

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