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Meat marination in organic acid-containing solutions : most influent process parameters on mass transfer and evolution of physicochemical characteristics

Abi Nakhoul P., Goli T., Zakhia-Rozis N., Bohuon P., Trystram G.. 2004. In : ACIA, SFGP. ICEF9, International Conference on Engineering and Food, Montpellier = Congrès international de génie des procédés alimentaires, 7-11 March 2004. Paris : SCI, 6 p.. International Congress on Engineering and Food. 9, 2004-03-07/2004-03-11, Montpellier (France).

Food additives such as sodium chloride, alone or in combination with phosphates and polyphosphates, and some organic acids, are used as functional ingredients for improving the sanitary quality and organoleptic characteristics of meat. This paper deals with the migration of organic acids in turkey muscle and the various effects on the cured meat characteristics (e.g. pH, swelling). It also offers new perspectives in pH prediction during marination process.

Mots-clés : pièce de viande; dindon; traitement; marinage; immersion; propriété organoleptique; acidité; méthode

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